How to Make Your Tiny Yard Feel Spacious

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Create false perspective with lines Take full advantage of the power of perspective by using low split-rail fence and delicately slanting the long straight rows of shrubs to one another. This will create an illusion of having a big outdoor space. Much like stripes on an outfit, create lines where you want your space to […]

Power Walk Your Pooch

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When economic times are tough, it’s not only humans who suffer. Job loss and foreclosure have consequences for four-legged companions as well: The worse off people are, the more family pets are abandoned or turned in to shelters. San Diego documentarian Jude Artenstein got a good lesson on this in 2008 while doing research for […]

Lotus Festival

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Last year, Echo Park Lake underwent a dramatic renovation: the lake itself was given an environmentally responsible makeover, the boathouse was transformed into an organic cafe, and—perhaps most notably—the locally-adored but sometimes missing lotuses were replanted, spreading their pale pink flowers across the water. This weekend is the annual Lotus Festival, a longstanding neighborhood tradition […]

Weekend Buzz List: Power-Ranking the Buzziest Restaurants in L.A

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Here’s the most hyped restaurants in town right now. 1. Alimento It doesn’t get much more hyped than this: Sotto chef Zach Pollack is putting his own spin on rustic Northern Italian cuisine at this long-awaited Silver Lake restaurant. If thick-cut mortadella sandwiches, mackerel conserva and biodynamic Nebbiolo sound like your jam, then this is your kind of […]